6 Impactful Secrets of Vienna

6 Impactful Secrets of Vienna

Make a difference – be a social responsible tourist in Vienna

You are looking on how to discover Vienna off the beaten tourist track? You like authentic experiences, hip locations and alternative tours while doing good? Then this is for you ?.

Vienna offers endless options for spending your money. The average amount spent by a tourist in Austria is 138 Euro* per day. Now imagine taking that sum and directing it towards a good cause. That would be great, right? What if you could enjoy your holidays, discover Vienna off the beaten track and fight social issues, all at the same time? Keep on reading and learn how to make an impact while discovering the hip side of beautiful Vienna. Make a difference and be a socially responsible tourist!


Where to sleep?
magdas Hotel
https://www.magdas-hotel.at/ - Laufbergergasse 12, 1020 ViennaMost of the time, when a crisis occurs, society does nothing but complain. But why not take the diversity it can bring and turn it into a beautiful mosaic of possibilities? magdas Hotel is an upcycling designer hotel, mostly run by refugees. It offers them a chance to apply their abilities and talents, while creating an open minded and international atmosphere. Surely, there is no easier way to help than by choosing the right place where to sleep. 😉 © Peter Barci

Where to have cake and coffee?

http://www.vollpension.wien/ - Schleifmühlgasse 16, 1040 Vienna

It’s not a secret that Grandmas know how to bake. Nor that Austria is home to some of the most amazing cakes and desserts. How about putting both together? The outcome is a super cozy coffeehouse that offers the best sweet treats between Vienna and Tokyo. Vollpension has made it their goal to offer retirees a place to follow a sensible activity, i.e. baking, earning some extra money, communicating and sharing their stories with younger generations. Plus, lots of love comes with your cake!  © Mark Glassner

Alternative Tours Vienna
>Where to shop?
Garbarage Upcycling Designhttps://www.garbarage.at/ - Schleifmühlgasse 6, 1040 ViennaEverybody needs a second chance every now and then. Garbarage is an upcycling brand that design bags, jewellery, accessories and home design to extend the product life cycle. At the same time, they don’t only give things a second chance, but people as well. Garbarage design applies social responsibility by employing persons that have suffered from an addiction. Within a year, they prepare them to reenter the job market. Buying a souvenir has probably never felt that good! ©gabarage upcycling design 
Where to have lunch?
Habibi & Hawara
http://habibi.at/ - Wipplingerstraße 29, 1010 ViennaWho doesn’t love a good meal? Grace of charity in combination with amazing fusion cuisine will be served at Habibi & Hawara. The team consists of professionals from Austria and refugees from Syria with the main goal to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The outcome is a delicious fusion of oriental cuisine and Austrian products beyond our borders. © Habibi & Hawara
Where to take an alternative tour?
https://shades-tours.com/ - Book upcoming tours onlineBored of historical tours? Think you have seen it all in Vienna? SHADES TOURS will take you beyond Vienna's beautiful facade. A SHADES TOURS tour is guided by a (formerly) homeless person, dives into the complexity of homelessness and provides an insight into personal stories without being voyeuristic. You will not only learn about a topic that is ignored most of the time, but also help homeless on their way back into society and onto the job market. Make your stay in Vienna an eye-opening one. © Faruk Pinjo
Alternative Tours with SHADES TOURS
How to discover in the dark?
Dialogue and Dinner in the Darkhttp://www.imdunklen.at/ - Schottenstift, Freyung 6, 1010 WienEver tried eating and discovering with your eyes closed? This is blind people's day-to-day. While dialoguing in the dark you will experience everyday situations with the absence of light. It's an experience designed to simulate blindness and is unnervingly effective. Guides with vision impairments lead their cane-wielding guests through exhibits that test sensory perception, such as crossing a busy "road" and walking through a replica forest. At "Dinner in the Dark", a blind waiter will serve you a four course meal that will challenge your taste buds and make you aware of the world through a blind person's eyes. Who would have thought that there is so much to discover in the dark?! © Dialog im Dunkeln Wien.

You know a nice Social Business that should be added to this list? Let us know and we would love to let our guide grow: vienna@shades-tours.com


*statistics by T-MONA im Jahr 2013/14


Article researched and written by our amazing Katja Hatvan.